The Pimple Ball Home Run

               ( Qty. of 4 packaged balls )

                        OUT OF STOCK        

Price: 22.00  

        Classic Spaldeen Pinky

                    ( Coming Soon )

          Classic Wiffle Ball

                 ( Coming Soon )

The Pimple Ball Double

               ( Qty. of 2 packaged balls )

                          OUT OF STOCK        

Price: 11.00  

The Pimple Ball Triple

                ( Qty. of 3 packaged balls )

                        OUT OF STOCK           

Price: 16.50   


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  The Pimple Ball Single

                ( Qty. of 1 packaged ball )

                         OUT OF STOCK             

Price: 5.50 


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The original Pimple Ball is back and is now available from ( the Home of the Pimple Ball. We are offering a single ball package, a double ball package, a triple ball package and a home run package.  All shipping will be calculated in the price at time of checkout and will be shipped USPS First Class (2 to 5 days) or USPS Priority mail  by the United States Postal Service within the U.S. only. No out of country sales.  All sales are final with a no return policy. For all other sales, questions or bulk discount pricing, contact us.